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Morgan offers a large selection of Standco drawworks blocks as complete sets or individual pieces. These drawworks blocks are available in both non-asbestos or the asbestos based materials.

All our drawworks blocks materials have been extensively tested and approved in markets throughout the world and have delivered extended service life in both drilling and service applications. Both materials deliver a high coefficient of friction, are tough and flexible, and have high bonding and riveting strengths. drawworks brake blocks

Morgan is now your source for

Industrial Woven Brake Lining Manufacturers of molded and woven friction products for the oil patch, including woven RED BULL® brake blocks for all oilfield drawworks of both the drilling contractors and special service requirements of the well serving industry.

Standco’s expanded product line includes oilfield brushes, brake bands, brake flanges (rims), block plugs, hardware, miscellaneous drawworks parts, fluid and end parts, bearings, chains, clutches, and Standco tachometers and meters.

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